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What is Face Yoga?

About 10% of our muscles are in our face. WOW. If you find that your body is not that fit and firm, what will you do? You will work on your muscles and getting rid of the fat, right! It is the same for our faces. You find that your face is not that firm and lean anymore, you can work on the face muscles. Instead of using machines, you will use the hands and fingers. 

If you at the same time take care of your lifestyle and nutrition, you have all the cards in your hand to live and get older with style and happiness.

As we age we lose muscle mass and we accumulate fat, this also applies to the face. On the body, the fat settles on exposed places. It's the same for the face. But the good news is that FaceYoga can help you!

Without Botox - Fillers - Surgical facelift, OH YEAH

FacaYoga helps you to gain firming, -slimming, -tightening and fat lose

Is face yoga effective?

Yes — today we have many pictures that give us evidence that it works. You can see some of mine under Before and After.

You can find an article here


about a study made in 2018.

How often do you need to practice face yoga to see results?

For the best results, every day will be best. Then it should be said that I, after doing FaceYoga for more than two years, gives my face some "free time" two days a week. These are the days where I make a face mask. What counts the most is commitment and consistency, to get the best and continuing results. But, doing FaceYog exercises shouldn't replace te proven efficacy of anti-aging skincare and sun protection. 

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